“She’s already 21!”: how was the fate of “the girl on basketball”

For many others, Tsyan Hongyan is a real role model. Her tragic outcome inspires us to keep going after our objectives and never give up. Those with restricted abilities are especially motivated by Tsyan’s narrative.

She has been lacking both of her legs since childhood, yet this hasn’t stopped her from becoming a champion and succeeding in a variety of fields.

Tsyan was four years old when it all began. She ended up losing both of her legs in a horrific vehicle accident. She had to adjust to her new existence because the family could not afford prosthetic legs.

Her grandfather devised a novel method of transportation for his granddaughter after the girl’s parents initially carried her on their hands. When he saw Tsyan there, he chopped a basketball. In addition, he provided her sticks so she could walk.

Her family took a video of the child moving in an odd way, which went viral on social media. Tsyan Hongyan gained international fame as “the girl on basketball” after it.

Everyone was astounded by the young girl’s determination. After all, she used her “transportation means” to get to school by herself. Tsyan, however, needed nearly an hour instead of just seven minutes.

The girl received assistance from the government when she was eight years old; prosthetic legs were manufactured for her. And in this manner, Tsyan took her initial steps.

By the way, this enabled the girl to accomplish her objective. She actually enjoyed swimming a lot, and with the prosthetic legs she could now participate fully in the sport.

Tsyan also wanted to compete in the Paralympic Games, but she was turned down for a long time. In 2016, her wish was fulfilled.

She is well-known throughout the world, a multiple medallist, and a swimming champion today. She is a true role model for everyone about to quit up. You can find enough power to survive and triumph, after all, if she could.

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