“Exclusive”: Meghan Markle’s Transition Beyond the Royals – She Wants No Part in It

Author Omid Scobie claims that although Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has moved on from the royal family, Prince Harry still has issues to resolve. According to Scobie, who has been covering the royal family for more than a decade, Meghan is uninterested in addressing the problems, but Harry is. He has to find a means to counterbalance his ongoing issues with the media.

Meghan and Harry have moved on, but they still keep in touch with Prince Charles. Harry tries to maintain a relationship with his father and accepts him for who he is. Meghan even emails Charles pictures of their kids.

Harry was not allowed to join the family on the palace balcony, even though he attended his father’s coronation in May. Meghan stayed at home with their children.

In his book Endgame, Scobie discusses the dissolution of the royal family and the difficulties facing the contemporary monarchy. Scobie claims that Prince William views Harry as a distant figure and that his priorities have evolved with time.

The royal family is dealing with internal problems that they might be neglecting, despite their reputation for rarely showing their emotions. Scobie advises them to pay heed since the public’s perception of the royal family as akin to a national family contributes to their support.

Scobie points out that William appears to be working with the media to discredit Harry and that he appears to value his allegiance to the monarchy. Nothing seems to have changed, and the relationship between William and Harry has devolved into apathy, despite Harry’s biography disclosing the schism in the family. Harry wrote his memoir as a means of communicating his feelings, as there hasn’t been a family forum where these discussions may be held in public.

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