76-Yr-Old Instagram Influencer Stuns Haters In A Swimsuit

Most of us associate gorgeous young women who frequently post images of themselves on Instagram with the term “influencers.” On the other hand, there are various kinds of influencers who can positively affect our lives.

Among them is Candace Leslie Cima. She has come out swinging and shown us what it actually means to live in your 70s and be happy, despite the fact that some people hated her for uploading images of herself in her 70s.

Along with that, she has a TikTok account under the moniker lifeinmy70s. It’s evident that people value what she has to offer given that she has millions of likes and nearly 100,000 followers.


The vast majority of Cima’s followers are incredibly supportive of her and are more than pleased with her. Some people also make disparaging remarks, questioning her age-appropriate choice of attire.

She wore pants and a white tank top with strappy white shoes back in 2022. While some individuals were disparaging the video, others were able to rise above the hate and say something encouraging.

She also disclosed her age there, stating that she was 75 years old.

Cima acknowledges that she has always found aging to be fascinating. She did, after all, run a senior living facility for over thirty years. She understood that the elderly had much to offer.



Additionally, she posted something on Instagram that caused people to pause and pay attention. She expressed gratitude for being able to celebrate her 76th birthday in Key Largo and made a video of herself in a bathing suit so that we could all remember it.

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