Joan Blackman: The Woman Elvis Couldn’t Forget

The first time Joan Blackman and Elvis caught eyes was a riveting event that happened in 1957. In spite of the fact that Elvis was already seeing Priscilla Beaulieu, they clicked right away. He had been enthralled by Joan’s allure, but she was determined to follow her own path and succeed only at her skill.

Joan claimed there was an indisputably warm and sensitive moment when she and Elvis first looked at each other. Because they both had beautiful black hair and comparable facial features, they had a special bond. Elvis had strong affections for Joan, but he encountered resistance when he tried to persuade her to appear in his movies.


Our hotel rooms were next to each other for an extended period of time. Though my heart belonged to another actor, Hampton Fancher III, Elvis yearned to marry me. I told Elvis straight up how I felt about Hampton, that I loved her the way a woman loves the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Joan recalls, “I never lied to Elvis and I always stayed true.”

Following his marriage to Priscilla Presley in 1967, Elvis Presley—known as the “King of Rock and Roll”—had a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley nine months later. Priscilla and Elvis had a strong friendship up until Elvis’s tragic death in 1977, despite their 1973 divorce.

Priscilla has devoted her life to upholding Elvis’s legacy ever since. She is not only a successful businesswoman and philanthropist, but also the creator of The Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation. She assists individuals in locating fulfilling employment and offers impoverished children educational opportunities through this foundation. In addition, Priscilla founded “Graceland Presents Elvis,” a touring production that tells the tale of her late husband’s life to audiences worldwide.


Priscilla is an inspiration to many because of her unshakable commitment to upholding Elvis Presley’s legacy. She has received distinction as an actor and author in addition to her charity endeavors. Priscilla has acted in a number of movies, including The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, The Naked Gun trilogy, and Loving You. In addition, she is the author of several books, including Elvis & Me, which details her relationship with the King, and My Love Affair with Elvis: The True Story of Life With the King, which was just published.

People all throughout the world are inspired by Priscilla’s unwavering efforts, which show that anyone can overcome personal sorrow with grace and resiliency. The Presley family’s path is incredibly inspiring, from Elvis’s passion for music to Priscilla’s steadfast dedication to charity.

As we commemorate Elvis’s enormous impact on the music industry, Priscilla will always stand for courage and hope. Her steadfast commitment guarantees that Elvis’s music and spirit will remain joyful for many generations to come.


The inspiring tale of love, music, resiliency, and the ability to leave a lasting impression is that of Joan Blackman, Priscilla Presley, and Elvis. Let us all draw inspiration from it.

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