A teen who has recently graduated from high school runs a cafe and is disappointed when no customers come up.

A lot of us have had the experience of having a dream dashed.

Maybe we had an idea of how a situation would turn out or thought we would be employed in a different industry from our current one. Perhaps we had our sights set on a certain relationship that, for whatever reason, didn’t work out.

As a young person from South Australia just found out, life isn’t always as happy as we would like it to be or as planned.


He confidently ventured to open his own café, but was disappointed when not a single customer came up.

Tom Oswald, an 18-year-old from South Australia, was reportedly planning to forego the more conventional routes right out of high school.

Oswald took a chance and opened a little café in the town of Handorf, which is southeast of Adelaide, believing that he had completed his studies for the time being.


By all accounts, the teenager invested a great deal of blood, sweat, tears, and money into the business, creating a lovely little space that he was thrilled to show off to clients.

However, Tom claimed to be dissatisfied when he opened his shop and didn’t see a single customer. He turned to TikTok to share his horrible story in a video that has since gone viral.

More than two million people have seen Tom’s startling discovery, and he has a large following of online followers who are quick to encourage him.

One individual said, “This makes me so sad; tell me where this is so I can come please.”

A third individual wrote, “Me checking flights just to come and support this man’s cafe.”

“A group is visiting Hahndorf in a few weeks; we’ll stop in for coffee!” exclaimed a third individual.

You may watch Tom’s TikTok video below or here:

Tom described how he gained the experience needed to launch his own cafe by working at another one for two years. Although he acknowledged that he might still improve, he stated he’s constantly trying to do better at preparing coffee.

The 17-year-old told News Corp, “I am 18 years old, straight out of high school, currently in my gap year, and this project is literally the only thing I’m working on.”

“I’m working at the shop or remotely, looking for ways to make the business better in any way I can.”

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