A newborn baby’s life was rescued in the middle of the night by a recently acquired stray dog.

The Robinsons planned to establish a farm in the far area where they bought a house.
Mrs. Robinson had to give birth to her second child, a boy, while still pregnant in just four months. As soon as they moved into the new house, they began furnishing the child’s room in preparation for the arrival of a new family member.
The Robinsons were animal lovers, but they now want at least one puppy since their landlord prohibited them from owning a dog when they resided in an apartment.
The two spouses, along with their 6-year-old child Matias, visited an animal shelter to select a dog. They wanted a non-aggressive puppy who would grow up on the farm with the children.
After touring the paddocks and hearing the heartbreaking stories of a few dogs, they were undecided on which puppy to choose.

As they were leaving the area, they passed Benson, a 4-year-old pit bull. He walked back, tail tucked between his legs, as if he had lost all faith in humanity.
When the Robinson family asked about Benson, the caregivers at the animal shelter told them that he had lived a rather horrible life. After being used in dog fights, he was left on the streets, where he was found by volunteers. Benson was adopted by a couple after spending some time in the dog shelter. But after just two weeks, they brought Benson back to the shelter, citing behavioral problems and his aggressive nature toward his owners.

Although the volunteers did not recommend that Benson be adopted by a family with children, Mr. Robinson insisted on giving him an opportunity, so they did. Even the drive to the automobile was difficult for Benson because he wasn’t used to walking on a leash, but they eventually arrived at their house.
At first, Benson was very shy, hesitant, and cautious. However, Benson was able to grow and establish ties with all of the family members—especially Matias—over time.

After Mrs. Robinson gave birth, they took the baby home and acquaint Benson with him. He sniffed at the baby and licked his face gently. Benson’s owners knew right away that he was a handsome dog and they would get along.

When Benson was just two months old, one night his loud barking woke the Robinsons from a sound sleep. He attempted to enter the crib despite the safety bars keeping him out, yet he continued to bark. He started biting the cot to try to reach the baby. When the Robinsons took the baby in their arms, they discovered the youngster had stopped breathing, which calmed them down at first since they thought Benson was trying to hurt the child.

He was taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors worked to resuscitate him. The doctor told the parents that if the baby had been in cardiorespiratory arrest for more than thirty minutes, he would have died.
Benson became well-known for proving that nothing happens by accident. The Robinson family was the first to give Benson a chance, and Benson ultimately proved to be the lifesaver for their infant.

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