What do the Siamese twins look like now, who were separated at the age of two!

In 2014, the adorable twins Eva and Erica were born, and their delivery was unusual in a way. They shared a single pair of legs and a common body. The conjoined twins were able to communicate without words and had a warm relationship in the past.



However, their parents attempted to provide the two infants a free and joyful life because they couldn’t stand this circumstance. Thus, they devised the plan to split them apart. And the surgery day was resolved following a protracted series of tests and procedures.


The 18-hour surgery was a tremendously trying experience for the doctors and parents alike. After these excruciating moments, the outcome was quite exciting. The girls were healthy and everything went smoothly. After several months, they were sent home happy and strong.

The two adorable critters had to learn how to take care of themselves during their rehabilitation, which made it difficult. But the effort paid off! Their separation gave them fresh chances to achieve their goals and lead complete, independent lives.

With the twins, age six now. They were given another chance to live a decent life. They rose to fame in their community and gained international recognition thanks to the efforts of intrepid journalists who wanted to interview them and share their narrative. The two young stars hope to follow their dreams of becoming actresses or models. We hope they achieve their goals and have tremendous success along the way.

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