What do Danny DeVito’s children and wife look like?

Danny has portrayed a variety of characters, but his comedic roles usually make up the majority. He gave such a great performance as the villainous Penguin in the Batman film that the actor was nominated for an Oscar.

My favorite movie to watch on New Year’s Eve was the Christmas comedy “Welcome, or No Neighbors allowed,” in which Danny played a car salesman who wants to become an authority on Christmas celebrations. But in the end, he realized that the most important thing in life is family.

Even at seventy-four, Danny never ceases to astound his admirers with new material. This December, a new chapter of the “Jumanji” sequel will be released, in which De Vito will portray a bitter and cranky grandfather.

Danny De Vito and Rhea Perlman have been together for nearly 37 years. Additionally, despite some recent turmoil in their relationship, things are now getting better. The couple gave birth to three children.

Perlman, Rhea

The 71-year-old Rhea hasn’t appeared in a movie for the last four years. Although she has played a number of parts, her greatest recognition comes from the 11-year run of the American television series “Merry Company.”

Silvia DeVito

Lucy is a 34-year-old actress. Her career formally started in 2005 with the release of her debut feature film. The girl is quite good in humorous roles in movies and TV series. Lucy took part in a theater presentation during the event.

Grace A. Fanto

Grace looks just like her mother. Because they resemble each other so much, they often get confused. Although Grace Phan chose a different artistic path, she also had ties to the film industry. She is a production worker.

J. Daniel DeVito


The thirty-one-year-old Daniel has dabbled in producing in addition to appearing in several films. His work paid off, as the drama “Better Angels” received a commendable 5+ out of 10 rating from critics.

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