These young people took some photos while on vacation. The woman looked more closely at the pictures when she arrived home.

Rhynnice Trelfa was in high spirits when she and her friends drove to Manchester.

They took pictures, of course, and uploaded them to their social media accounts.

Everyone gasped at one of the pictures.

On a motionless background, there appears a phantom hand next to her partner.

She posted the photo online right away, thinking that someone would be able to shed light on what appeared to be a regular occurrence.

She gave me a shake, and I began to cry. I was so afraid of what I saw that my hair stood on edge.

I am quite aware that nobody was following us. Particularly since that hand doesn’t present in the subsequent shot I took, Rhynnice remarked.

Dovestones Reservoir has a sordid background because a number of people, including that day, have passed away there.

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