‘The Voice’s’ 14-year-old contestant receives the fastest chair turn.

“The Voice Kids Belgium” judge panel was wowed by 14-year-old vocalist Jade De Rijcke, who went on to win the contest as the overall champion.

In this competition, De Rijcke and her trainer, Gers Pardoel, both achieved noteworthy triumphs. 2018 marked Pardoel’s first year on the coaching staff. By putting his trust in De Rijcke and his fellow singers to overcome many more experienced coaches, Pardoel propelled his pupil to stardom.

It could surprise a lot of fans to learn that De Rijcke has appeared on “The Voice Kids” before in 2018. She did not advance past the blind auditions in her 2017 attempt. Later, De Rijcke said that her anxiety got the better of her and that she was dissatisfied that her audition was not even shown on TV.

However, De Rijcke did not let that incident depress her; instead, she returned to her training and gave it another shot, which was even more successful than she could have imagined. A performer—or anybody, for that matter—may occasionally need to experience failure in order to learn from their mistakes and work even harder to succeed in their chosen fields.

The “Road to” films feature a single contestant’s performances during the course of the program. It’s a nice look back and a means to compile all of a performer’s tracks into one file. De Rijcke decided to perform Dua Lipa’s song “Homesick” during the blind audition.

The melancholic song “Homesick” tells the story of a woman who is heartbroken and yearns to return to her partner while facing difficult challenges and a sense of isolation. The woman in this song is determined to locate her sweetheart, much as De Rijcke did not give up on her objective of winning the tournament.

De Rijcke selected “Sober,” a song by American pop singer Demi Lovato, for the semifinal. This song, which discusses Lovato’s issues with alcohol, is a bit depressing. She expresses anxiety of not being able to stop drinking and lists some of the behaviors she regrets. Even yet, for someone as young as De Rijcke, this is a risky decision. Singing a song does not imply living the song. She handled it with her customary composure and poise.

The American singer Nicki Minaj’s “Grand Piano” was De Rijcke’s final song of the evening. This song is about a woman wondering if her partner has been faithful and true in their relationship. Whether or if she has made poor choices, the singer also takes a lot of time to analyze her. It seems that De Rijcke enjoys talking about problematic relationships.

Even though Jade De Rijcke’s song selections are filled with melancholy and despair, she has overcome her challenges and won a tournament that it once seemed she would never win. Watching the film helps illustrate what a champion in the making looks like, and this is an uplifting narrative.

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