“The nurse who cared for a premature baby discovered a big surprise 28 years later.”

Alma Wong immigrated to the United States from Nicaragua at the age of sixteen, where she now works at a pediatric hospital, realizing her lifelong dream of becoming a pediatric nurse. She looked after a lot of small children, some of whom she would never forget.

When a young doctor with a familiar name and surname showed up at the hospital one day, Vilma recognized him. Afterwards, she recalled that those names belonged to a premature baby that she had cared for in her early hospital employment. She came up to him and inquired as to if his father had been a police officer.

After a brief period of silence, the doctor admitted, “Are you Vilma?” It came out that Vilma, the devoted nurse who attended to him immediately following his birth, was remembered by his family. They’d held onto an old picture of Vilma holding the infant for a long time.

Prompted to tears, the young physician confessed that he had always wanted to locate the nurse in the picture. He learned the genuine meaning of love and dedication to his career from working with Vilma.

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