“Size 50 doesn’t bother her!”: This girl, even with overweight, is not ashamed of her body

Take a look at this girl if you still believe that beauty is solely attributed to those who are petite!


She lives for herself and accepts herself as she is, whereas millions of women throughout the world restrict themselves, go on diets, and grind themselves to the bone via intense exercise.


It is also unthinkable to call her “fat,” “ugly,” or “unkempt.” She exudes style in her clothing and demeanor, leaving everyone in her vicinity in no doubt as to her beauty.

Iskra Lawrence is this girl, and she has the ability to value self-love and demonstrate it to others. Iskra is a model even though she wears a size 50.

The stunning woman advises everyone that loving oneself and one’s body, rather than one’s clothes size, is what truly brings happiness.

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