“Paternal heroism: He risked his life to save his four-year-old son.”This story makes you feel so excited

Michel is the primary character in this tale. He had to save lives in the operating room on multiple occasions, but there was also a time when he had to save the life of his own son. Michel was unaware that there had been a fire in his apartment a few days prior.

The father was looking for his scared son who had chosen to hide, but his wife had escaped into the corridor. Michel had little time to think twice about jumping out the window, which was the only route out of the apartment. He positioned himself so that his son would land on him during the fall.

Because there was grass beneath the structure, their lives were spared. The youngster sustained several bruises and a broken collarbone, but his life is no longer in jeopardy. But Michel’s wounds were more serious. Presently, he is in intensive care due to a major pelvic fracture and a torn bladder. His situation is stable but problematic.

His coworkers and friends are collecting money for his continued treatment while doctors battle for his health. Everyone says Michel is a great guy and a great father, so no one is shocked by his bravery. Everyone is prepared to help him through his recuperation.

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