Optical illusion reveals if you are too self-critical

An optical illusion is just that—an optical trick performed by our visual senses. On the other hand, illusions can occasionally reveal important details about who we are. There are many creators on TikTok who specialize in creating optical illusions that can also be used as personality tests, if that sounds like you. Of them, Mia Yillin (@mia_yillin) is rather well-known. She recently posted one where you can see how critical of yourself you are of yourself.

With an explanation and the illusion, Yillin’s TikTok post had over 972,000 views. In question is an illusion that has two completely different images. But according to Yillin, you would first notice only one of them based on your personality. Look at this picture:

Self-critical optical illusion

How Critical of Yourself Are You?

Which picture did you initially see, then? One of the two items in the photo is a black crow sitting atop a rock. Beneath the crow, the other one is a man’s face made of smaller boulders piled on top of one another. These are Mia’s explanations for the image you initially saw:

The Crow: You’re known for passing judgment on others. Even though it could initially appear to be a criticism, Mia clarifies that it isn’t always a bad thing. She claims that you almost unconsciously find yourself harboring strong opinions about other people. But you also have really good instincts. As a result, your assumptions and suspicions are usually confirmed to be accurate.


The Face: You are excessively judgmental of yourself if you see the face first. Mia says that your self-criticism is a form of self-defense. This is a result of your intense fear of rejection or disliking by others. Thus, you unconsciously prepare yourself for this rejection by being deeply critical of yourself and demeaning of yourself from the beginning. Mia has graciously included some guidance for people that use the face. She advised them not to allow self-defeating and self-critical ideas to stand in the way of their ambitions to become the kind of people they want to be.

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Image Credits: TikTok | @mia_yillin

However, there are exceptions as always, like this one:

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Image Credits: TikTok | @mia_yillin

Which one then did you view first? Tell us in the comments section below! Here are a few more illusions-cum-tests that you might find entertaining:

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