Male version of the beautiful celebrity: Emma Watson’s brother shocks with the unique resemblance

Emma Watson, who is incredibly endearing and charming, looks stunning. The attractive celebrity Alex Watson’s younger brother has inherited her allure and charm. His knowledge of big screen cinema extended beyond the tales of the well-known sister. He was also privileged to play the lead role in Harry Potter. It’s true that this made things challenging for the film crew at work.



The remarkable resemblance between cousins has to be carefully concealed. Emma’s brother had makeup all over his face and was sat at the other end of a big table with gel in his hair.


Alex developed an interest in the modeling industry after starring in a number of small jobs. After agreeing to a deal with the top studio in the world, he started to frequently show up on the covers of glossy magazines.

But eventually, he made the decision to go back to the movies. The 29-year-old man is working on multiple movies these days.

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