“In the ninth month of her pregnancy, a woman rescued another pregnant cat, and they became inseparable, becoming the best friends.”

Alena was committed to assisting animals in need and volunteering. She took care of them, looked for new homes for them, and frequently took part in animal rescue efforts when the animals were in perilous circumstances. Alena was one month along with her pregnancy when she gave birth.

She chose to step back from everything for a little while. Her trip, however, ended up being quite brief. She once observed a cat by the side of the road while driving home with her spouse. The animal was ill and carrying a baby. After taking the cat to the clinic, the pair made sure she had all the care she needed.

The young couple made the decision to take the cat inside. Thus, two expectant ladies emerged inside the household. “Nyusha” is the name they gave to their new cat. The cat settled into her new home immediately, tagging along with Alena wherever she went. They grew close friends who spent all of their time together.

Next, Nyusha greeted her owner with a litter of kittens in addition to herself after Alena went to the hospital to give birth to her son.

. .. The children of both moms matured and had shared interests throughout time. Alena retained Nyusha and one small kitten, while the spouses gave the adult kittens to their friends.

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