If You See A Bent Tree In The Forest, Start Looking Around Immediately

It is unimaginable to drive these days without a GPS. and that’s because I, or we, allowed technology to rule our life. It is not rare for the internet of minds to have developed recently.

However, another reason why maps and GPS can be such excellent guides is because of what happened before we had them. How did people make their way through the woods before technology?

Bent trees seem to have a backstory that has something to do with nature’s mysteries.

According to information on the official American Forests website:

All around the United States, there are trees with unusual shapes. Their trunks contain unusual kinks or bends at odd angles. While some of these trees may just be peculiarities of the natural world, most of them are in reality landmarks that helped Native Americans find their way.

Native Americans bent young trees to create long-lasting trail marks. These markings would point travelers in the direction of food, water, or other important locations as well as safe paths across difficult terrain. The trees have expanded over time while keeping their natural shape, but their function has all but disappeared as modern life has risen up all around them.

Even though we don’t need these “trail trees” to get around areas these days, their historical value makes them invaluable. Imagine the stories these trees could share.

Yes, we know that Mother Nature made a number of twisted and oddly shaped trees, but there aren’t many Native American customs that identify them, and a lost traveler would be able to tell the difference between naturally occurring trees and man-made ones.

For example, many of the forest’s trees, like the one in the picture above, have the ability to bend naturally. But at the end of the bend, the trees that the Native Americans twisted so many years ago had a noticeable nose, or notch (see below).

To create this, a piece of the tree was inserted into a hole and the tree grew around it.

Aside from their noses, naturally occurring marvels and artificially bent trees can be

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