“Grandma with a bicep at 43 cm”: 51-year-old woman became a bodybuilder despite her age

Introducing Robin, a 51-year-old iron lady bodybuilder. By leading by example, Robin shows that not all women over 50 care for their grandchildren while staying at home; others go after their own objectives and convictions.


The protagonist of our story is not like the other girls. Her tattoos, appearance, and clothing style. It is all of these things that make her unique and unparalleled.

Since her high school years, Robin has had a deep passion for athletics. She participated in running, volleyball, and a few other sports back then. She became interested in bodybuilding in high school, and two years after graduating, she began competing.

She continues to be successful in this industry now. She now competes internationally among other professionals, showcasing the talents she has honed over the years.

It’s unbelievable that Robin has three grandchildren in addition to her two wonderful daughters. She was able to maintain her fitness levels because sports were the only thing that helped her get in shape after giving baby.




And do you believe that a woman’s having these forms is beautiful?

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