Genetics played a joke on her face: What the granddaughter of the genius Charlie Chaplin looks like

Charlie Chaplin was not just a well-known actor and director but also a fantastic ladies’ man. He fathered eleven children by different women. Chaplin’s legacy was carried on by many of them and by his ancestors as well.

Consequently, a well-known dancer and actress adopted the name Aurelia Thierry. She is descended from the mayor’s last wife, Una O’Neil, and Chaplin.

Aurélia’s parents were circus performer Jean-Baptiste Thierry and Victoria Chaplin. Given her upbringing, Aurélia was exposed to creative individuals from an early age, therefore she had little trouble deciding on her future career.

Nowadays, Thierry enjoys great fame in her own France. She is a surrealist theater performer and the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin. Aurelia’s illustrious grandpa, incidentally, bestowed to her not only acting prowess and charisma but also a unique appearance.

After all, it would be inaccurate to describe Thierry as attractive in the traditional sense. Thus, genetics “joked,” producing an incredibly strange appearance for the granddaughter of a well-known comedian.

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