Every Morning a Wild Deer Knocks on Elderly Woman’s Window. The Reason Will Melt Your Heart

Mette Kwame, an 81-year-old Orlando native, was left alone after her husband passed away a few years ago. The woman’s loneliness and sorrow sapped her strength, and she descended into depression until one day a wild deer emerged from the forest.

Mette hurried to offer the lovely beast, which had astonished her with an unexpected visit, some bread. The deer, which she gave the nickname Flippen, began coming to see her twice a day. She was allowed to pet the new acquaintance when the woman gave it bread and vegetables.

The deer has consistently made these visits over the years, and it has never vanished. Mette claims that her life would be unimaginable without Flippen’s frequent visits.

As a result of Mette’s account, the local hunters chose not to hunt Flippen, letting the deer run freely in the forest without worrying about getting shot.

Following her husband’s passing, the widow was left alone because the pair had no children. She never had a kinship quite like the one she has with the deer since Flippen turned into her savior. Since the story became viral online, many people have expressed their gratitude in the ways listed below:

How wonderful that an animal this wild and often shy would put its trust in a person. There is little doubt that the world would be a better place if this occurred more frequently.

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