Disturbing Steven Tyler Health Update At 75 Confirms The Rumors – And It’s What We Feared

The news that six of the scheduled shows for Aerosmith’s farewell tour, Peace Out: The Farewell Tour, had to be postponed this week devastated tens of thousands of fans who were eager to see Steven Tyler.

The well-known rock group said on Instagram that they had postponed their September 12th, Toronto, September 15th, Chicago, September 18th, Detroit, September 21st, Raleigh, and September 27th, Washington, D.C. shows until early 2024.

Unfortunately, Aerosmith’s singer Steven Tyler is ill. He wrote on Instagram that he suffered severe damage to his vocal cords and that doctors had advised him not to sing for the next 30 days.

The statement opens with “To all our fans.”

“I regret to inform you that I have been given severe instructions by my doctor not to sing for the next thirty days. During the performance on Saturday, I suffered damage to my vocal cords, which resulted in bleeding.


“In order to return and give you the performance you deserve, we’ll need to postpone a few dates.”


“All previously purchased tickets will be honored for the rescheduled dates,” Aerosmith continued. For those who are unable to attend, refunds will be given. Contacting their point of purchase is the recommended course of action for fans with refund-related inquiries.


The Farewell Tour dates were released to the public on May 1. They are set to take place from September 2 (in Philadelphia) until January 26 (in Montreal).

However, the end of the tour has been rescheduled because of the delays. On Monday, October 11, Aerosmith is reportedly set to restart their tour.

Given their disparate ages, it’s fantastic that the band has decided to offer its loyal fan base one last tour. One can only conjecture as to what type of physical impact a 40-show tour would have had on Tyler, who turned 75 in March.

Given his track record of altruism, it is not unexpected that he is eager to go above and beyond what is required of him.

In 2019, Aerosmith’s lead singer donated $500k to help restore an 82-acre structure south of Memphis into a safe refuge for women who have been abused and abandoned.

“Janie’s House,” a refuge for women without anywhere else to go, is modeled around Aerosmith’s 1989 smash song “Janie’s Got a Gun.”

I’m hoping Steven Tyler recovers quickly so he can get back to his great self.

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