At 76, Cher confirms she’s in a relationship with 36-year-old music producer

The “Believe” singer just sent her fans into overdrive last week when she wrote on Twitter, “One part of my life is SO AMAZING.” She didn’t take long to make things clear by sharing a photo of herself with her new partner along with a heart emoji.

With the comment that “love doesn’t know math!” Cher disclosed that she had previously introduced Edwards to the rest of her family. Her remark was probably directed at people who were wondering why there was such a big age difference between the two new lovers (Cher is 76 and her partner is less than half that at 36). Cher says that in October, during Paris Fashion Week, she had her first connection with Edwards. They are still very much in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, but we won’t pretend to be futuristic mathematicians. However, a lot of Cher admirers said how happy they were to see

Cher remarked, “As we All Know…” in response to her more circumspect admirers who might have viewed Edwards as a threat. Nothing is sure, no matter how convinced I am about something, because I wasn’t born yesterday. You take a chance each time you make a decision. I’ve always gambled, and that’s why I am. The 76-year-old also openly addressed the age gap, stating, “Love doesn’t know math, it sees [red heart emojis].”” Rinpoche informed me that although some people “meet,” othersSince Cher has experienced enough, one would think that she would be able to recognize warning signs if they were present. The singer, actress, and television personality originally gained notoriety with her husband Sonny Bono in the 1960s and went on to reach the dizzying heights of the music industry very rapidly. If you like reading about Cher and her life, then consider sharing this article on Facebook.

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