This story happened twenty years ago. At that time, my husband and I were going through a very tough period, and we had a daughter who had just turned one year old.

This narrative took place two decades ago. My kid had just turned one year old, and my husband and I were going through a really trying time at the time.

Because my husband’s pay had been cut and I was on maternity leave, we were in a tough financial situation. We had no one to watch our daughter, and Sonia was weeping all the time, so I was unable to return to work.

We were living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet. A gypsy woman came to our door one day. Beside her was a young boy, perhaps four years old, who was cowering under his mother’s skirt. The woman made a food request. We frequently encountered such circumstances because many families in our neighborhood were dealing with poverty. When I got to the kitchen, our refrigerator was essentially empty.

I discovered a bag of grains, bread, and two tiny jars of jam on the farthest shelf. I handed the woman one jar of jam and half of the bread. With warmth, the gypsy woman thanked me.

Her deep brown eyes glinted. “I know you’re going through a difficult time, but you didn’t hesitate to share your food with me,” she remarked. Things will improve for your family very soon. Your child’s crying will end, and money will come your way.

After the gypsy woman departed, I was left in complete shock. The strangest thing was that her predictions came to pass! After my spouse received a surprise increase at work, our daughter stopped weeping. Although I don’t usually believe in the paranormal, there is no other way for me to explain what happened.

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