The young British shaggy-haired boy bears a strong resemblance to Boris Johnson.See his amazing pictures

Even though David Barabash is just three months old, his incredibly messy golden hair has already made him a celebrity. Everyone is chatting about how much of a likeness there is to the prime minister of Great Britain right now. Meanwhile, they anticipate that young David will have a bright future in politics.

Three months old, indeed. Mom claims that combing it is pointless. Everyone has been taken aback by David’s unique hair, including nurses and obstetricians as well as both sides of the family. The truth is, except from a grandmother who may be considered a stretch blonde, no one has had hair as brilliantly blond in the last three generations.

It’s unclear what kind of gene went awry to produce a dazzling blonde in a family full of brunettes. He doesn’t resemble his parents at all, despite the fact that DNA indicates he is their son.

The boy’s family refused to give him the name Boris, even though he had a striking likeness to the prime minister. No complaints, they won’t go overboard. He will make all of the decisions for himself when he grows up. It can be difficult to explain this to onlookers, though, as they sometimes liken him to a politician while they are out on a stroll. Tatyana’s mother even created an account in this instance with the disclosing title “Not Boris Johnson’s son.”

The young star’s hair won’t be chopped any time soon. It’s so exciting to watch how it develops in the end.

The only issue with the hair is that nothing works, so the mother had to give up trying to comb and style her son’s hair. Nevertheless, nature’s strong forces are at work. And that’s fantastic!

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