The husband did an incredible thing for his blind wife, this is true love, that’s what he did

When people love and care for one other, regardless of age, that is true love. Regretfully, sincere emotions are getting harder to come by. On the other hand, an elderly Japanese couple demonstrated the reverse. For fifty years, Yukaso and Toshiyuki have been wed.

The most intriguing aspect of their tale is that their parents made an agreement for them to get married rather than out of love. But soon after the wedding, they became clear that they were meant to be. The hurdles did not stop the young couple from leading a very happy life.

Much agricultural labor was performed by the Kuroku family. There was little money despite the amount of work. Nevertheless, Yasuko never wavered in her support for her husband, even during the most trying circumstances. Following the birth of their children, the couple made the decision to go into farming and purchased multiple cows. Their life began to improve even though they had to get up early, tend to the cattle, and labor in the fields during the day.

Though they were able to support themselves, raise their kids, and begin saving money for travel, their dreams were sadly not meant to come true. Yasuko went to the city hospital with her spouse one morning after experiencing eye pain. The pair was sent home by the physicians when they were unable to make a diagnosis.

The woman’s health deteriorated the following day, and ultimately, she lost her sight entirely. The doctors were at a loss for what to do; Yasuko’s diabetes may have been the reason. The woman and her husband eventually made up because he made an effort to show her love and support.

Given that his spouse had a passion for flowers, Toshiyuki planted roses in the “shibazakura” garden. They blossomed almost the entire summer and fall, and they were fragrant in addition to being brilliant pink. The man covered around three thousand square meters with flowers over the course of the following ten years. There was a lovely aromatic pink carpet all around their house. The neighborhood took notice of their home. Both locals and visitors gathered to Yasuko to chat and admire the lovely flowers. Because of her sight, she stayed at home most of the time and didn’t really engage with anyone, therefore she loved to chat to everyone.

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