Simon Calls Her Decision CRAZY — Then She Brings The House Down With Her First Note

Not only is this a technically challenging song to perform, but it has been done so much that it is hard to give it a fresh take. Even seasoned actors give their performances extra attention.

Simon’s opening remark, “You’re a brave girl,” caused the audience’s tone to shift to one of anxiety. But from the first few notes, Chloe had altered their doubtful outlook. Even Simon, the cynic, was surprised.

“How lovely Amazing Grace sounds…”
Chloe prevailed due to her confident delivery and powerful voice. Simon acknowledged at the end of the song that her performance was good enough to go to the following round and secure a place in the finals.

As soon as the song started, the audience stood up and cheered for her efforts, indicating that they agreed with this evaluation. She gave an example of how judges’ initial judgments might be wholly inaccurate.

Chloe Paige sings solo because she wants to make her family proud. Though it was a daring choice, do the judges think she made the correct one? I think the solution is clear-cut.

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