Mother gives birth to black and white twin boys – but neither parent is white

Like many other parents, Stacy and Babajide of Lagos, Nigeria, sincerely desired their cherished daughter to have a sibling.

However, she and her spouse had a shocking surprise when they went in for an ultrasound.

When Stacy found out she was pregnant twins, she was overjoyed, but the 31-year-old Nigerian lady had no idea what to anticipate when she really started giving birth.

Stacy was ecstatic to arrive at the hospital for her planned cesarean operation. The mother and her spouse were taken aback upon witnessing the faces of her infant sons, Daniel and David Omirin, even though they were well on their way.

On February 26, 2019, the unusual twins entered the world; their births occurred only minutes apart. The problem was that, except from their large brown eyes, Daniel and David had nothing in common.

Daniel resembled his older sister Demilade almost exactly from birth, having dark skin and wavy black hair. David, on the other hand, had white complexion and golden locks from birth.

As Stacy and her spouse are African American, the boys’ dissimilar appearances came as a great shock.

“We were unaware of their distinctions during my pregnancy; the scan did not reveal them, so it was an enormous shock and the most amazing moment when the first twin, Daniel, had black hair and the second, David, had gold hair,” Stacy said to Bored Panda.

The doctors said to me, “It seems you are having totally unidentical twins,” because I had them through CS. Soon after, nurses began to emerge and observe them.

People were perplexed and confused by the twins’ appearance. According to Stacy, a lot of people frequently find it difficult to accept that she is the mother of both children or that Babajide is their father.

The mother was ecstatic at the babies’ arrival and didn’t give a damn about how they looked. She still recalls what the nurse said when Daniel emerged.

After Daniel was born, the nurse announced that the second baby had golden hair. How on earth is this possible, I wondered? Stacy told The Daily Mail, “I looked down and saw David; he was white.

She wasn’t entirely sure, though, how her husband would respond. Fortunately, he answered like most fathers do.

Their father was so moved that he named My Twin 2 (David) ‘Golden,’ and he still refers to him as Mr. Golden to this day. He was pleased to meet his boys. He declared that they were God’s greatest gift ever and that he had been gazing at them for more than ten minutes, according to Stacy.

The twins are obviously of the same mother and father. However, David had oculocutaneous albinism from birth. Albinos have a distinct appearance due to a rare genetic condition that results in a lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and/or hair.

At first, the mother of three was worried about David’s health as well as how other people would perceive him.Medical concerns like photosensitivity and ocular issues are linked to the illness. Thankfully, David has not encountered any significant health problems.

In Nigeria, there are reportedly over two million persons who have albinism. In Sub-Saharan Africa, between one in 5,000 and one in 15,000 people are estimated by the World Health Organization to be born with albinism.

One in 20,000 persons in North America and Europe suffer from albinism. It is difficult to live with albinism in Nigeria. They are frequently the target of prejudice and inquiries, but happily Stacy has not yet encountered this.

Every time we go somewhere, she says, “there are side conversations. People frequently want to know how and what’s happening, and maybe because they’re so cute and adorable, you just want to come close to say hello.”

Modeling agencies have contacted the family, seeking to utilize David and Daniel in their campaigns due to their remarkable appearance.

Stacy, a fashion designer, would be thrilled to see her boys go into modeling. She is now, however, concentrating on raising awareness and teaching people about David’s illness.

In the present, people may watch the boys grow up and learn more about them on the mother’s Instagram account, which she set up.

Despite being best friends and twins, the guys have distinct personalities and hobbies. Daniel is more gregarious and enjoys eating. David enjoys standing back and looking around him. However, both boys are sweet and considerate kids.

“Excuse me, madam. Which of the kids is yours?” is what people say. When I just declare that they are both mine, folks give me the funny look. But even as their mother, I was taken aback when they were born. I was apprehensive when the doctor informed me that my children were not genetically identical. However, I was stunned to see that they had varied skin and hair tones, so I don’t blame other folks for being astounded as well.

What a sweet tale! Reading about and viewing images of David and Daniel is delightful; they are quite cute.

And let’s not overlook the fact that inner qualities are what really count; I have no doubt the boys will develop into amazing adults!

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