Mom Makes Kids Walk 7 Km, Carrying Sign Saying They Were Rude To Bus Driver

That’s not the seven kilometers of walking, or even the large cardboard sign that said, “Being unpleasant and insulting to our bus driver! Mothers help us to walk.

The Harrow, Ontario, mother who decided to share images of herself spanking her two elementary-aged sons on social media is the target of the local Children’s Aid Society.

I drew the line at that! We walked seven kilometers this morning to show them what life will be like after they get off the bus,” the woman wrote.

“After two hours, they succeeded!” CBC News is not identifying the mother in order to preserve the children’s privacy.

By 5:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, more than 38,000 people had shared the message. More than 28,000 “likes,” as well as several comments and other reactions, were left on the post; the majority of them seemed to applaud what a “real parent” did.

On Tuesday, the mother shared pictures of the boys strolling. Since then, the post has received 30,000 shares, more than 24,000 replies, and has gone viral. On Facebook

One reader said, “You’re freaking rockin the mom hat girl, good job.”

“Superb work, mom!” exclaimed another. “This is how you bring up your kids.”

The mother told CBC that although her younger kid only needed to walk for one more day, the elder youngster had immediately learnt his lesson. She refrained from sharing that penalty on social media.

The Windsor-Essex CAS office’s manager of community engagement, Tina Gatt, declined to comment on the call or whether it warranted an investigation.

In order to teach children the “logical consequence” of misbehaving on the bus, Gatt did suggest that making them walk to school can be a fair punishment—as long as there are no safety concerns, which in this instance don’t seem to have been.

The boys’ mother went with them on their stroll, and they can be seen in the pictures next to what appears to be a calm country road. Less than 3,000 people live in the village of Harrow, which is located around 30 kilometers southeast of Windsor.

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