Lisa Kudrow: Major Factor Everyone Is Not Talking About

Lisa Kudrow, actress of “Friends,” is saying she thinks her co-star Matthew Perry died in the hot tub due to prescription medicine.

According to reports, the 60-year-old actress also intends to adopt Perry’s dog after his untimely demise.

Lisa Kudrow Says Matthew Perry’s Death May Have Been Caused by Medication

Speaking forward on Lisa Kudrow’s behalf, a close friend of the actress says she believes her “Friends” co-star may have passed away from his prescription.

A source close to Kudrow told, “Although no one wants to believe it was medication – prescribed or not – of course that is a thought in their minds.”

The insider continued, “They believe he must have taken something that separated from the warm water.”

It is significant to highlight that the coroner’s office has not yet verified the report of drowning as the cause of death. Toxicology reports and the results of the autopsy have completed the picture of Perry’s demise.

The actor battled addiction for a considerable amount of time, but he didn’t truly open up and let down his barriers until his memoir.

When promoting his biography last year, the actor said, “[I was] at the height of my highest point in ‘Friends,’ the highest point in my career, the iconic moment on the iconic show.” It’s all math when you’re a drug addict. It wasn’t something I was doing to get high or feel nice. I was by no means a party animal; all I wanted to do was curl up on my couch with a movie and five Vicodin.

For me, that was heaven. It’s not what it was.

At that time, Perry claimed to have been sober for eighteen months, saying, “I’ve probably spent $9 million or something trying to get sober.”

Though it hasn’t been verified yet, drowning has been identified as the most likely cause of death. A scheduled autopsy will provide additional information on Perry’s demise.

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