A schoolboy sent a gift to a poor girl in the Philippines, and 14 years later, by chance, they became husband and wife.

In a school, a regular schoolboy sent a Christmas present to an unidentified underprivileged girl in the Philippines. Tyler Wolfe was only 7 years old at the time. It was almost unimaginable for him that the same girl would, by accident, become his wife many years later.

Even Tyler was clueless about who would end up with his gift box. Every student chose a gift, wrapped it, and carried it to the common room in accordance with the activity’s guidelines set forth by the school. The presents were then mailed to the recipient.

Tyler’s present ultimately went to Joan Marchand, who was raised in a rather low-income household. For her, receiving a box from a far-off nation was an important occasion.

A more responsible Tyler discovered, eleven years later, that he had received a friend request from an unidentified girl on a social media platform. The girl sent him another request, which he turned down at first.

Maybe it’s a buddy of a friend, he thought. Have I given that present any thought? Wolfe remarked, “I didn’t even remember it.”

A few days later, the girl messaged Tyler, including the present along with a picture of herself as a toddler. The man was shocked and said yes to Joanna’s invitation to come see her right away.

Tyler discovered how much he loved Joanna when they first met. They began dating a few months later, and three years later they were married. This is the story of how a decision made as a child significantly improved the lives of two adults.

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