A 4-year-old child sewed toys to earn money for treatment.this is really amazing

In Cherkasy, the boy resides with his mother. He was given a dire prognosis of leukemia two years ago. The family didn’t have the substantial amount of money needed for the procedure. The boy started making snowman toys to sell before the New Year’s break.

Alena Semilet is the mother of the boy. When she found out from the physicians that her son was very sick, she was at a loss for what to do. $35,000 was a hefty price to pay for the procedure. His mother brought felt, socks, and rice into the room before the New Year’s celebrations. Andrei, along with his mother and grandma, began creating the first snowman toys. The family made the decision to begin selling these toys almost immediately.

Although philanthropic foundations started to gather money and several media sites published posts regarding this family’s predicament, there wasn’t enough money. Alena had intentions of selling her apartment.

“I purchased tickets to Ukraine and proceeded to sell the apartment; at that point, numerous payments from various countries began to arrive in my account,” she recalls.

Andrei was stitching toys to pay for his medical treatment, according to a Facebook entry about him written by Israeli Svetlana Katsuba. People from all around the world started sending money transfers and ordering snowman toys when the tale swiftly went viral on the internet. The whole sum was raised in about a week.

The kind people gave Andrei’s mother no idea how to express her gratitude. We could go through with and finish the treatment because of you. We recently underwent evaluation in Gomel, where we will be monitored for the ensuing five years.

Andrei has returned home, but he hasn’t started kindergarten yet. He’s getting ready for school. His mother is hoping he can get back to living a happy life soon. His mother treasures the boy’s first snowman he built as a priceless keepsake.

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