When a toddler hears his favorite Elvis song, he rushes to the dance floor, making the King PROUD.

William, 2, surprised his parents by running into the center of the dance floor and starting to dance.

The toddler’s impromptu dance, which took center stage, was perfectly matched to Elvis Presley’s favorite rock tune, Jailhouse Rock.

Keep an eye out for some amazing feats at the very end as you watch the kid move to the beat of the music!

Thus, what was the source of William’s ideas? Studie43’s dancing studio has a familial connection. Based on this incredible dance, this young individual has a great future in the dance and entertainment professions. He’ll always have someone to dance with, if nothing else. He’s just too adorable. Who could turn this down?

He’s adorable, and you should totally allow your kids to dance. Given that he is just two years old, I contend that he has the right to express himself. He’s performing admirably. I enjoy how he bows and then simply stands there taking in the admiration from his followers for a short while. He is brilliant and endearing!

Witness Tiny Willam’s incredible dance performance and spread the word about his endearing antics. This little dancer will make everyone happy.

Not to be outdone, this young lady performs her greatest Aretha Franklin routine:


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