He is presently a model for Gucci. Macaulay Culkin, 42, has gained weight and impressed admirers with his new look.

Internet users became more interested in Artem and Daria after they posted images of their heir. Unlike the girl she chose, Dasha is a healthy, fully-grown girl. Our heroine of the day confessed to the readers that she never gave Artem much thought because he is a kind father and a bright talker.

After the baby was born, Dasha’s supporters were perplexed since they thought Daria had given birth to a son by someone else because the youngster would not have acquired his father’s beautiful looks otherwise. The mother discloses to internet people that her spouse is the biological father of the child.

Artem and Daria use Instagram to share pictures of their lives with their followers, even in the face of online abuse. The man is active, and that is crucial to remark. Artem works from a distance.
A young man works as a programmer to support his wife and small children. Right now, all we can hope for this amazing couple is patience and happiness.
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