Woman Slurps Down 48 Oysters On A Date And He Stuck Her With The Check

Generally speaking, we attempt to behave well when we go on a date. That holds particularly true on a first date.

The issue is that the memo was not sent to this TikToker by someone. That much is evident from the fact that @equanaaa was spotted sucking up 48 raw oysters and expressing a desire for more.

She was out on a first date with an unidentified man. It seems that she was merely going on the date out of boredom and a lack of other activities, with little or no investment in it.

Her date excused himself to visit the restroom when he spotted her gorging on the ray oysters and then ordering some fancy stuff off the menu. The issue was that he vanished from sight.

I am aware that not every date will be as successful as the others. This date is better than any date I have ever been on, even though in some circumstances it might even be a terrifying tale.

Equana was not pleased when she discovered that she would have to pay for her own food because she was saddled with the bill. She was not pleased that the receipt just included his one drink.

They must have chosen to meet up after weeks of contacting one another. She claimed that he conducted a dine and dash after slurping her way through $60 worth of raw oysters (ugh, thanks for sharing that).

He emailed her after complaining, telling her that since they had gone out for drinks, he would cashapp the money. She settled the tab.

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