The silence was broken by Sylvester Stallone. “There is no pain worse than losing a child.”

As the actor who portrayed the valiant and powerful Rocky in movies, Sylvester Stallone comes to mind. This man doesn’t seem to be susceptible to anything breaking him. But because life is unpredictable, it may take a toll on even the toughest and strongest of men. Sylvester was in a lot of agony following the passing of his oldest son. Sage passed away in 2012 at the age of 36.

At the time, Stallone pleaded with his followers and the media to express sorrow for his family’s loss and to honor his son. Sylvester has been deeply wounded by this enormous loss, despite the fact that he didn’t want his first-born son. You might recall that Sage passed away from a heart attack. Sage’s mother and Stallone were never together, but after both of them lost children, they grew closer.

They frequently appeared together after the horrific incident. Sage aspired to be like his well-known father. They were included in Rocky 5 as well. The contented father who grew close to his troubled son, who was unable to forgive him for divorcing his son’s mother, and who was unaware that life would soon rip the two of them apart permanently.

Stallone was silent for a while, refusing to express how sorry the family was. Stallone would later remark that losing his son was his hardest loss.

Nothing hurts more than losing a child, I assure you. Sylvester said that if you can’t move past a setback, you’ll get stuck in a downward spiral. Fans were delighted to learn that “Rocky” was able to move over the pain and continue living and producing movies.

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