The Ideal Woman’s Body According To Science

Despite the fact that societal ideals like beauty shouldn’t even exist, they do. Every ten years, a new concept becomes widely accepted, and everyone scrambles to claim it as the best.

In the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe’s reign of power, pale skin and blonde hair were in vogue. Body type was very unimportant. You would have to go through a lot of hoops even if you met the major prerequisites. In the 1960s, thin women with juvenile bodies captured the hearts of men and women.

In the 1980s, sporty, curvy women with toned arms were in style. In the 1990s, women with translucent skin and extreme leanness were in demand.

Since 2000, scientists (of all people) have backed the idea that the ideal woman should have enormous breasts, a massive butt, an iron-flat stomach, a small waistline, thigh gaps, and flawless skin. Consider Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé, etc. Regardless of how they gained their flawless physique, it somehow doesn’t matter.

Fashion houses and modeling agencies continue to demand tall, incredibly slim women with distinctive facial traits despite the current trend toward huge bottoms and boobs. Think of Olga Sherer, Kim Noorda, and Kaia Gerber. Many women have endured some of the harshest sorts of torture to achieve this extraordinarily small body size, but thankfully, compelling arguments are being made to reevaluate these standards.

a narrow waist, large hips, and enormous breasts

Though the concepts are similar, science has a more exact picture of what a woman should look like to be considered beautiful.

According to University of Texas researchers, the ideal female figure reflects the values of the twenty-first century. The ideal woman is 1.68 meters tall, has a 99-centimeter bust, a 63-centimeter waist, and 91-centimeter hips. She is also 5’5″ tall, with bust, waist, and hip measurements of 38.9, 24.8, and 35.8 inches, respectively.

Do you already have a person in mind who satisfies these requirements? Instead, think about Kelly Brooks.

Kelly Ann Parsons, an English model, actress, and media personality, is also known professionally as Kelly Brooks.Kelly is a perfect match for the scientists’ description of her and has progressively created massive waves in the modeling and fashion industries. The 40-year-old, who has been modeling since she was 16 years old and is regarded as a global style icon, was awarded FHM’s sexiest woman alive in 2005.

Kelly’s modeling career wasn’t without its challenges at times. Sometimes she was rejected by agencies because they deemed her to be “too plump”. Simply put, Kelly didn’t meet their ongoing need for the market’s thinnest women.Even though science says Kelly is now the pinnacle of perfection, she is still pursuing a wealthy career that is sponsored by advertising campaigns for important businesses.

What makes the 99-63-91 standard so unique?

Numerous contemporary and historical studies have shown that men are overwhelmingly more attracted to curvier girls. The unconscious link between young curviness and fertility in the male psyche is to blame for this. The ability to procreate has a significant impact on appearance, hence the most attractive women are those who seem the most ready to become mothers. This is where the term “childbearing hips” comes from.

The 99-63-91 physique with a height of 1.68m possesses these allegedly fertile and youthful characteristics. In reality, though, a woman’s level of fertility would be affected by a variety of variables, and only a small amount would be influenced by her body type.

Despite the fact that obesity has been linked to infertility, miscarriages, and pregnancy troubles in women, infertility problems can affect anybody, regardless of size.

Although beauty will always be very subjective and depending on a person’s standards, the scientists may have a point in some instances.

The unvarnished truth about the ideal body type for modeling

According to Jennifer Lee, a fashion expert who worked with the late Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s top designer, models are solely chosen based on the clothing they would wear.

There are no particular beauty standards that the modeling and fashion industries are interested in. The main reason skinny women are preferred is that they are less likely to draw attention away from the clothing. According to Ms. Lee, if curvaceous women are used to pitch clothing and accessories, consumers would end up praising their bodies rather than the products.

In conclusion, everyone is beautiful, and we should all work to be individuals who do not adhere to arbitrary and human-defined beauty standards. Imagine how different the world would be if everyone shared the same body shape, skin tone, hair color, or even facial traits. There would be no tasteful variation, and it would be terribly dull and dreary. This proves that every type matters and that women should be proud of themselves for being perfect in our own unique ways.


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