A source says that Ben Affleck and J-Lo are thinking about getting a divorce, which could mean that the end is near.

Fans of J-Lo are concerned about rumors of altercations between the singer and Ben Affleck, who last summer legally wed her. New details have also been revealed by a person who is close to the couple and well-known to them.

He claims that the situation is even worse than what J-Lo’s supporters anticipated. The individual claimed that the pair had a significant argument that might, in his opinion, result in a divorce. J-Lo has a lot of ambition and is highly motivated. She is also a stickler who demands perfection at both home and business.

Ben needs to live a much quieter lifestyle to be stress-free. Additionally, he must cope with his demanding and overworked wife. J.Lo also launched a business, which many believe will be detrimental to their union.

The families of Ben and J-Lo didn’t seem to be too pleased, according to fans. The most joyful conclusion to their love story may be the dissolution of their marriage if things don’t change. What do you think?

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