Mom causes heated debate by putting young daughter on leash at grocery store

We all employ different methods to raise children and have different beliefs about how they should be raised.

Parents may and will argue online about a variety of topics, but some of them have proven to be particularly heated. You are aware of the subjects I’m referring about because practically every parent has an opinion on them in one way or another.

In the past, the concept of “leashing” your child—tying a lead to a harness or their wrist to prevent them from escaping, running into danger, or, god forbid, being kidnapped—has led to numerous arguments between parents.

Some people think it’s the same as child abuse. Others disagree, saying that it’s fine as long as the kids involved are eventually safeguarded.

After a stay-at-home mother from Los Banos, California, received online criticism for using a leash on her toddler while going to the grocery store, the subject has recently come up once more.

A video of Alexis Solis and her child after shopping was purportedly provided by the former behavioral analysis therapist. It quickly gained popularity online, receiving over 12 million views and sparking a contentious debate in the comments.

Solis, a woman who is the mother of two girls, says she uses her internet presence to raise awareness of child endangerment.

She can be seen in one particular video she shared to her TikTok requesting her young kid to extend her hand so she may attach a leash on it.

She captioned the video, “I’m tired of the world being this way but I’m never tired of protecting my girls.”

“I don’t mind appearing to be a crazy mom. I freaking love this item as long as my infants are secure and thanks to everyone.

After the video gained almost 13 million views, Alexis was insulted and her parenting was criticized by many.

One commenter said, “I hope they leash her when she’s 50.”

One more chimed in, “I detest those.”

The leash is best for children who have a tendency to run away, according to Alex, who clarified this in a later video.

I used to work with kids who had autism, she added. I don’t talk about this much about myself, but I used to be an ABA therapist.

“Children with autism do have a tendency to elope, which is something in common with them. If you’re not familiar with the term “elopement,” it refers to the tendency of a child to stray or flee from a parent or their immediate surroundings.

“Now, this can be really upsetting for both the parent and the child. I am aware that life would have been significantly safer if I had this tool when I was dealing with families.

How do you feel about Alexis’ approach? Do you agree that the child would benefit from wearing a leash? Please voice your thoughts in the comment area.

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