At our modest wedding, everyone was not looking at me, but at my mother-in-law. I was quite surprised myself when I saw her for the first time. She was 46 years old..

I’m aware that many individuals might not comprehend what I’m saying. Perhaps there are people that rationally consider their children and grandchildren as well as their own interests. I never thought I’d marry someone whose mother would be so uncaring toward her family.

Her disregard for familial norms and customs was evident even before she wed the father of my spouse. When my husband, her son, was a young child, she didn’t even make an effort to maintain the family unit. Because of his wife’s apparent apathy, his father likely departed for another woman, and she didn’t stop him—not even to ensure that her son had a father. He was raised solely by his mother as a result. Because she didn’t spend much time with them, he hardly remembers his grandmother. In all honesty, I was astonished to see my future mother-in-law. She had bleached hair, a kilogram of eye makeup, scarlet lipstick, and was already 46 years old.

Her persona was, to put it mildly, difficult. High heels and long, crimson nails. Generally speaking, it was clear what she did for a living—she worked at a beauty parlor. My husband and I moved in with my husband’s mother after our simple wedding. However, there were no cozy family gatherings or tea parties. She went to work in the mornings because her shift only lasted until noon. She constantly had activities for the second half of the day, including workouts, girl’s nights out, parties, masterclasses, and meetings. One time I questioned her, “Don’t you get tired of running around so much at your age?” “What age are you talking about?” she retorted. At home, she hardly ever ate anything besides coffee and a sandwich as a snack. And two years ago, right around New Year’s, I learned I was expecting a kid, a year after our wedding.

She was dancing in the room with her pals while I was lying down because I wasn’t feeling well at the moment. When my husband called his mother because she couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, she just remarked, “Don’t worry, it will pass soon, maybe you ate something wrong.” There wasn’t any zeal. That’s the way our grandma is. After our child was born, nothing changed. Her grandson seldom saw her once she left for work. She would occasionally stop by, whisper something to him, and then leave quickly. You have to take a long train travel to get to my mum because she lives so far away. She would have made a fantastic grandmother, but her health prevents her from traveling. But I also know that she like knitting socks, baking pies, and spending time with her granddaughter. She’s only four years older than my mother-in-law, by the way.

My older brother and I were the reasons she shielded our family, and my father didn’t divorce her until after he had reared me. She never acted like the mother of my spouse. The mother of my husband has badly hurt me. She exhibits little sympathy, empathy, or concern. She solely considers herself as she goes about her own life. She ought to be caring for and living the lives of children at her age.In an effort to get mom to visit us, spend time with our child, and permit us to go out in the evening, I attempt to discuss this with my husband. Hopefully, this will trigger her grandmotherly instinct. My husband, however, declines and is unwilling to bring up the subject. It’s too bad! Thus, our grandmother is of this type. But becoming older is a given. Then, I wonder how she will sing.

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