The little bear cub overheard her mother’s conversation and decided that her mom shouldn’t work so hard because of her. She took her jacket and decided to disappear from her mother’s life.

So, take a look at yourself. How are you doing today? Renting a room in a shared apartment, mopping three different floors, and barely making any money. You excelled in school and appearance, making you the best student in your class. You are already more beautiful than any fashion model. You must place your daughter in an orphanage and look for a respectable position for yourself. You would be a welcome addition to any organization. You’ll get married and get a great apartment. But if you have a daughter, you’ll live all your days in this shithole, her pal said.

What kind of gibberish are you speaking? Never. I was made for her. Life would be meaningless without her, Anna retorted. The women discussed this before leaving the apartment. She left, and Anna headed to the grocery store. to clean the flooring. Little Sonya, whom her mother had put to bed, had heard the entire exchange without their knowledge.

The five-year-old thought, “So it’s because of me that Mom can’t sleep?!,” and then she got up, dressed, grabbed her doll, and fled out of the house.

Where is this young angel rushing off to? Sonya tripped over a man who was crouching in front of him.

And who are you? she chuckled and asked.

“Just a bystander. I found myself wondering where she was hurrying to at such a late hour. Come on, admit it,” he said, taking her in his arms and leading her to a neighboring cafe. The girl recounted the tale she had overheard while on the way and while at the location while eating pizza. The man sipped his coffee and paid close attention.

She ended her tale by saying, “So it seems that if I disappear, Mom will be happy.”

He enquired, “What does your mother give you?”

Sonja: “Daughter, Sunny.”

Does she genuinely adore you?

“Yes, my mom loves me.”

Imagine that she returns home and you aren’t there. She’ll feel heartbreak. She might even become ill from her grief. She might not recover, too. Is that the kind of joy your mother deserves from you?

I say, “No, I don’t want that.”

Then let’s leave. I’ll drive you home. They went inside the police department.

“Daughter! Sunny! I’ll stop working at night. Sonya, who was twelve, embraced her father and exclaimed, “I’ll figure something different out. She then got out of the vehicle and drove to school.

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