During a difficult labor, Ava fainted and couldn’t regain consciousness for several days. Her husband’s unexpected decision saved her.

Ava, a young woman, was unfortunate enough to be involved in an automobile accident when already six months pregnant.

She had to stay in the hospital until her ninth month of pregnancy due to major injuries. Fortunately, the infant kept expanding slowly inside her womb. Ava had a planned cesarean section on the ninth month, but she passed out during the process.


When the baby was born, it was taken away from the mother and placed in another room right away. For a long time, Ava was unconscious, and physicians had no idea how to help her. The husband made the decision to go see his wife and child one morning. He positioned the infant next to her as soon as he entered the room in the hope that the youngster would somehow feel a connection with its mother.

The infant started crying after a short while, and to everyone’s surprise, she soon recovered awareness and even sat up in bed. She fully recovered within the ensuing few months.

She is currently caring for her infant at her side. She claims that when she first heard her daughter scream, she knew right away that she needed to get up and hold her. The young youngster accomplished what dozens of experts failed to do.

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