Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey opens up about the accident that changed her life and forced her to turn her back on Hollywood

While some films just fade into obscurity, others go on to become classics and draw millions of viewers.The latter category unquestionably includes Dirty Dancing. Over a million VHS tapes of the romance between Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle were sold. ‘I’ve Had The Time of My Life,’ the movie’s original song, was nominated for and won a number of prizes, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

The door to an entirely new universe was unlocked for the lead performers, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. All of a sudden, they found themselves at the center of attention. Grey was unable to take advantage of her immense success and all the attention she received from the enormous number of fans due to a tragic tragedy that occurred before the film debut.

Grey discusses her stardom and her choice to leave Hollywood at the age of 27 years after Dirty Dancing was released and rose to become one of the top films of the decade.

Grey and her then-boyfriend Matthew Broderick were residing in Ireland in 1987, the year the film debuted. The two were involved in a car accident that claimed the lives of a mother and her little daughter. According to reports, Broderick killed the family in the other car while driving on the wrong side of the street. Later, the accusation of reckless driving was dropped against him.

Grey didn’t have any significant physical wounds, or so she believed, but she was never the same person again. She was severely affected by the incident and found it difficult to go on.

The aspiring actress told the Daily Mirror that the combination of such intense pain, survivor’s guilt, and then being hailed as the next big thing “just didn’t jibe.” Being the talk of the town didn’t feel nice.

She admitted to People that “my head was never the same, my ambition was never the same.”

Grey struggled with survivor’s guilt for a while before deciding to take care of herself and have a nose operation. Grey’s face became unrecognizably altered, not improving how she felt about her appearance as intended.

In 2012, she admitted, “I entered the operating room a celebrity and emerged anonymous.””It seemed undetectable or like being in a witness protection program. It was the worst nose job ever. I’ll always be this formerly well-known actress that no one recognizes due to a nose job.

Grey first had the desire to return to the film profession about ten years ago. She ultimately overcame her past thanks to her victory on the television competition “Dancing with the Stars.” She wanted this show to feel alive again, and it provided precisely that.

“I feel as though I’ve starved myself out of fear of what others would think of me. This is like to enjoying a juicy steak after 23 years of dieting, Grey told People.

She recently appeared in the films Untogether, Red Oaks, Bittersweet Symphony, and I Am Patrick Swayze to return to the big screen.

But there was a point when she was dealing with serious medical problems. Grey was at risk of developing paralysis, according to a medical examination.

Her spine was really slipping out from under her. She may have suffered major spinal cord damage just one good fall, a rear-end collision, or violently flinging her head, according to Dr. Robert Bray, Jr., a neurological spinal surgeon, who spoke to ABC. We are referring to total paralysis.

Grey underwent a number of procedures with Dr. Bray, and a titanium plate had to be put into her spine. Unluckily, further disturbing information soon surfaced: Grey had cancer.

Although X-rays revealed a malignant tumor in her thyroid, physicians were able to remove it before the cancer spread to other parts of the body, according to the actress.

Grey underwent four significant operations in 2010, including the one just stated. Her thyroid had to be surgically removed as well.

If it weren’t for the accident that drastically altered Jennifer Grey’s life, we’re confident that her career would have taken a very different course. However, we are glad to see her back in Hollywood, where she has always belonged.

If you enjoyed Dirty Dancing, watch the iconic scene in the video below.

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