All relatives and friends knew that the woman was supposed to give birth to twins. However, she returned from the maternity hospital with triplets.

The phone rang before I had a chance to do that. I picked up the phone with skepticism because the number was obscured. My spouse had another family, where he had another son, the woman on the other end of the line informed me shortly. My mind was racing at the time.

I found it hard to believe that my was capable of such behavior. I did, however, enter his room with wholly opposite emotions and inquiries. Do you know a boy named, honey? Please be really honest. He gave me a long look before lowering his head and starting to speak: “A young student approached me for an internship four years ago. She was constantly present, despite my conviction that our relationship would be strictly professional. She was extremely clear about her objectives, so I gave her what she requested to terminate the situation.

We stopped talking to each other after that, and a few months later, she gave me a pregnancy test with two stripes. When she realized that forcing me to divorce you wouldn’t work, she gave her son to an orphanage. I try to make up for my enormous error by paying him frequent visits and buying him whatever he requires.

I kept quiet while crying violently for a while, then I exclaimed, crossing myself and speaking for my family, “He is your son; do whatever it takes!” I soon left for the meeting with my high school friend. She casually asked, “Did you see that boy who escorted me to the gates? ” as she was unaware of the circumstances in my household. Such a gentlemanly and attractive man! Even though both of his parents are still alive, he is an orphan. Although she is apparently wealthy, his mother never shows up, and his father makes an effort to make amends by paying him a visit. I could see the young boy she was referring to because we were standing close to the fence she was pointing at. a near replica of my hubby.

We continued walking as if we hadn’t just had that chat, but I didn’t respond. I insisted on coming with him when he admitted to me the following day that he was going to see his son. I sat down, held out my hand, and introduced myself as the boy’s mother, saying, “Hi, I’m your mom, and I want to take you home.” The boy then raced over to his father. The youngster asked, “Mom, really? ” as he turned to face his father, who grinned and nodded. Only then did the boy leap into my arms. They were all lying when they said they left me, and I always knew you would find me. I really missed you! I adore you. I came to the realization that I would never regret making this choice when his embrace reminded me of the embrace of my own long-lost child.

Our elder kids loved having a younger sibling and taught him everything, including how to trick Dad. Now that they have their own families, all that is left is for them to complete college. I never imagined that the offspring of my husband’s extramarital affair would grow up to be my rock and one of my closest friends. Despite everything we’ve been through together, I’ve never regretted adopting him!

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