All 6,000 residents in small town live on the same street

Living in a hamlet or tiny town gives life a charming, lovable character.

I’m referring about the kind of place where almost everyone knows one another. There is a local pub where people congregate, first-name greetings are recognized as the norm, and there may be a few additional buildings, such as a post office, a funeral home, and some sort of retail institution.

My point is that, occasionally, it’s enjoyable to give other people a sense of a tight-knit community. Of course, it isn’t for everyone, but it appears that a good number of us prefer living in a flock to being alone in the wilderness.

Having said that, I sincerely question how many people can assert that they’d prefer to live in a neighborhood where every house is on a single street.

That is unquestionably the case for the European community’s residents, who earlier this month acquired prominence on Twitter after an aerial photograph was posted online.

Surprisingly, all 6,000 residents of Suoszowa, a town in southern Poland, reside on a single nine-kilometer street.

The neighborhood, known as “Little Tuscany” due of its style, had 5,819 residents as of 2017, according to CSO Poland.

According to local inhabitants, each house on the street comes with a sizable plot of land that they use for a number of things, including farming and housing for animals.

Locals from Suoszowa responded to questions about the bizarre but unquestionably magnificent aerial pictures by outlining daily life in their town.

“I would not exchange this location for anything. It has a unique charm and environment. There’s something to it, as they say,” one person said.

The photographs are beautiful since the entire area has the same appearance: a home followed by a short section of field. There is grain in one, rapeseed in the other, and something else in the third. From above, the colors appear to be lovely.

A second picture and a question on whether the strips of land that extend outside the hamlet are owned by each house on the street were posted on Reddit, according to reports.

“I just showed this to my Polish friend and he said yes!” came the reply.

“Each house has that strip of land to do whatever on, hence the different colors, and they are using the land for various purposes,” they added. Others keep animals there, while others simply leave it fallow.

He claims it’s real, but I replied I didn’t believe him.

What a startlingly peculiar setting. I think this village is unlike any I’ve ever seen.

Have you? Please let us know in the comments area if you do.

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