A day before discharge, the mother declared that she would take only one girl. What happened years later is simply indescribable.

Christina just two days ago gave birth to two adorable twin girls. She is expected to be released from the maternity hospital where I work in two days. I silently took a seat in the room’s corner and gave the doctor a statement. As it turned out, Christina only intends to bring one of the females.

For the other one, she had already written a refuse. We tried our best to persuade her that twins cannot be separated, but she refused. Christina insisted repeatedly that she had only purchased items for one baby and didn’t need them for the other. Her remarks surprised us all. How could anyone think about dividing twins?

She asked me to weigh the infants the following morning. She intended to use this method to determine which daughter she would keep and which one she would abandon. Christina only had one daughter when she left the hospital, and she gave her the name Natalia.

I escorted the other daughter to the room where orphaned children were housed. She became unwell eight years later and was given a hospital stay. I have no idea how it transpired that Christina’s twin sister, whom she had rejected, was also in the same ward. Different family adopted them, and both of those families named their daughters. She couldn’t believe her eyes when they first met in the hospital corridor. It was like seeing her own reflection. The two of them played together all day and didn’t want to be apart for even a second.

The medical team as a whole was astounded when they saw the two girls together, according to my acquaintances who work there. They were unaware of their connection. The same as me, my coworkers were astounded by Christina’s actions. She was reading a magazine while sitting in the space. She expressed her hope that the girl had found herself in excellent care after seeing her own daughter. On the other side, the adoptive mother requested that the doctor quickly release her daughter from the facility.

Sister stayed in the hospital for a while after being discharged. She physically recovered but her smile faded. She continued to hold onto the same toy when the youngster left the ward and made a commitment to herself that she would find it. I still don’t know how Christina could have done such a thing to her own girls, just like I couldn’t fathom it then.

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