When my husband and I finally bought our own apartment after years of saving, my mother-in-law came over and said something to us that we couldn’t believe with our own ears.

My wife’s mother feels we owe her something. I’m still baffled as to why her family is involved given how much support my parents have given us. I’ve been married to John for about five years now. James, my mother-in-law’s older brother, his wife, and their two kids resided with her at the time. It turned out that neither John nor I could stay at their place because there was no room for us.

However, we weren’t planning on staying, and we both believed that we should first have our own home before thinking about having kids. We put in a lot of effort over the course of four years and were able to save up enough money for an apartment. My parents never left our side, encouraging and assisting us in any way they could.

We were able to save up the money for the initial down payment in just four years this way. My father then shocked us. They took her in because it was difficult for my grandma to live alone. They handed us the money from selling her condo so we wouldn’t require a mortgage. We were able to purchase a two-bedroom apartment using that money and our savings.

Everything went extremely smoothly, and six months later we were living on our own and enjoying our new home. That evening was when we learned of my mother-in-law’s covert plan. I guess she thought we’d assist her out with a house. You’ve purchased an apartment for yourself, and you’ve previously gotten assistance; now it’s your turn, she remarked.

I don’t see why we should be involved in this, he retorted. We’ve worked hard to accomplish our objectives, and other than my wife’s parents, we owe no one anything. He also emphasized that it was his brother’s responsibility if, after all these years, no improvements had been made in his life. As long as he stays away from us, he is free to do anything he wants.

Sasha has children and no where to live, so my mother-in-law tried to play the sympathy card. stood his stand, though. My mother-in-law eventually departed our home. After some thought, my husband is no longer bothered by the situation. After all, he just learned that he will soon become a father.

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