When my ex-husband came to pick up his things after the breakup, I confronted him with the fact that our daughters would be living with him and his new partner.

Although Barbara attempted to close her eyes, the tears prevented her. I cherish him. What is going on? To what end? She thought back to her grandma Maria’s advice on how unappreciative the men they loved could be. You are to blame because you love him so much and are so forgiving. Even after you place a sizable piece on his plate, he continues to seek out sweeter treats. Michael did search in other places.

A young instructor visited the community. Young, tall, and as thin as a reed, she was. She was well-read, and her speech was as soft as she appeared. She began by giving Saturday lectures at the neighborhood club on urban subjects. After one of these lectures, Michael drove the instructor home and fell in love with her. With her big body after carrying three children, her enormous hands swollen from labor, and earrings dangling half-moon in her ears, she was a different narrative for him. It was a new experience. This was of a higher order. Fair, delicate hands and smooth, translucent skin make you appear light and airy. Love was her name. He didn’t dare admit that he was surprised, had lost love, or that he wouldn’t go back to his house.

Looking his mother in the eye, his mother persuaded him to go see his wife.reluctantly turned over, and their hungry son woke up. He had to go back and console the kid. The wait until morning seemed to last forever. Beyond her capacity, the housework had piled up.wanted to stand up as soon as possible and focus on her task. However, as the wind howled through the pipes, it dispersed everything in its path and increased the commotion. arriving at noon. It appeared for a brief period that nothing had changed. She walked up to the stove and dropped the towel out of habit.

I came here to get some stuff, I said. “I won’t take much; the space is limited. The winter-related topics will have to wait for now. Unexpectedly, the tone of “Okay” softened. I’ll package the winter clothing and store it in the closet.became concerned, pacing back and forth in his own home, “will need them next year when Ivan grows a bit.” He stumbled, “What does and have to do with this?” Why do you say that? We have been living together; they are our family. I’ll take care of our son while you take care of our two elder children. It’s only fair,” you firmly asserted.

The younger daughter, who was intelligent, realized what needed to be done right away. After a month, he took the kids back home with everything they had, and he sat on the porch thinking.didn’t emerge. She spoke everything she wanted to say and didn’t want to say when she went to milk the cow in the evening. She pardoned him. Since that time, his wife has been his one and true love, as they say in the hamlet. Even their attempt at divorce failed. He doesn’t give anyone else a glance.

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