The husband stayed away from raising the child. I left them and raised the child on my own. The unexpected happened

Maria didn’t like her fiance. She felt that since Maria worked all day, she should clean, do laundry, cook, and look after the kids. She was the only provider for the family, therefore it was natural that she would develop a workaholism. Her spouse and mother-in-law were only spenders; neither worked.

One day when Maria came home from work, her mother-in-law greeted her and said, “Why so late? Working once more? In response, Maria said, “He doesn’t work, and we need money to take care of the child.” Don’t dispute with her, her husband told her, standing up for his mother.

Maria decided to visit the maternity hospital by herself without informing anyone. Maria was surprised that they didn’t show her the baby despite the fact that the labor seemed to proceed regularly. The doctor stated the reason the following day: “Your son has a health condition.

He needs surgery, and his growth will proceed normally. But here’s the thing: Your mother-in-law arrived and insisted vehemently that the child be taken away.However, I would caution you against doing it. Maria firmly retorted, “I won’t abandon my child.” Maria and her child were eventually allowed to leave the hospital. Nobody was waiting for them at the hospital, as she had anticipated. “We don’t need this child,” they declared when they got home. It’s either us or him.

Twenty-one years have gone since that time. Maria gave her son’s treatment her all, doing anything she could to aid in his recovery. was in perfect health when she was two and a half years old. He had established himself as a successful businessman by the age of twenty-one. His triumph spread, reaching ears. She started pressuring her son to patch things up in the hopes that it would solve their financial problems. Tolya visited his son, proudly proclaimed, “I am your real father,!” while displaying pictures of the two of them.

“You’re wrong; I have a real father,” was the response.made a few more tries to win his kid over, but they were all unsuccessful. After yet another failed attempt at “reconciliation” with, he went home and began intently observing his mother. She evaded his attention despite the fact that he had concerns regarding her role in his son’s disappearance.

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