On that day when my husband and I saw a young mother with a child in the park, we didn’t yet know how our lives would change in that very moment.

A young woman pushing a stroller was seated in the park. She appeared exhausted, and it was clear that she was angry. She sat there doing nothing while her toddler cried in the stroller. I didn’t want to stay at home, so my spouse and I were in the park at the time. I considered how content she must be to be a parent while I was still unable to do it. We were in our forties and had tried treatments, but they had failed.

One of my most cherished dreams was to have children. We went over to the stroller after hearing the baby’s cries. The infant saw me when I leaned over and stopped crying to stare at me. The little girl grinned back at me when I grinned at her. Her mother’s weariness was evident. She gave the infant a somewhat contemptuous look.

The realization that she had been given this child by God, but didn’t want him, suddenly dawned on me. In the meantime, someone yearned to be a mother but was unable to conceive. The young mother abruptly blurted, “I don’t want to see her. You can take this little brat if you like her. She seemed to be making fun of me since what mother would give her child away? She emphasized, however, “I’m serious. Grab her. She is healthy and fine, according to the maternity hospital, but I now regret it. The sound that I heard astounded me.

She was an orphan who had grown up in foster care and was just twenty years old. When she became pregnant after falling in love with him, he dumped her and claimed it wasn’t his fault. She chose to leave the child in the maternity hospital because she couldn’t bring herself to deliver the baby; however, the doctor disagreed. She then departed with her child. She was homeless and lacked money. The doctor convinced her otherwise, and she was released with her daughter instead of abandoning the child in foster care.

The doctor cautioned me against leaving her in the maternity hospital, despite my desire. She was now sorry for her choice. I was in a state of shock when I held the youngster in my arms. She was 20 years old, homeless, and abandoned. She made the decision to place her child in foster care. I removed the infant from the stroller and turned to face my spouse. We made the choice to adopt the young child. I had a good feeling about the birth mother; she appeared like a wonderful person.

My husband and I legally adopted the child after she drafted a statement stating that she was giving up custody. My daughter developed into an intelligent, lovely adult. Our lives were altered by this unexpected encounter. Even if people claim coincidences are impossible, maybe God heard my prayers.

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