My child, who was born out of wedlock, was initially rejected by the father. However, something happened after 2 years that changed everything.

This is my personal narrative. My age at the time was 26. I’d always desired a child, but I couldn’t have one unless the person was married. I admired him. His religious beliefs forbade him from divorcing his wife and staying with me. I became pregnant as a result, and my partner helped me. Except for my father, every member of my family helped me.He felt that having a child while single was shameful. My kid was born with black, curly hair and gray eyes; she didn’t resemble any of my family members at all. Except for my father, who never ever saw his granddaughter, we all adored her. I was an unwanted guest at my family’s home, therefore I never went there with her.

Only my mother was waiting for me at home, despite my mother’s pleadings for me to come. I felt bad for my daughter, who had never experienced her grandfather’s love. I also had a sibling who cared deeply for both my daughter and me. My brother made the decision to get married when my daughter became two years old. Although we were invited to the wedding, I put off going until the very last minute. Not wanting to ruin my brother’s party, I refrained. I was aware of how it would turn out; I had a sneaking suspicion that my father would object and wouldn’t want to see me with my undesired child. I ultimately made the decision to go after hearing from my mother, my future sister-in-law, and my brother.

There were many children there at the wedding, but my daughter stood out among them simply because she was the darkest in color. She has always been in my charge. Even though I knew how much my father adored kids, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I turned back and saw my father holding my child. On my father’s lap was my daughter.
They were sharing hugs while conversing about something. I didn’t step in during this entire evening’s events. The evening drew to a close when my father approached me, apologized, and asked me to take my granddaughter back to my house. The visitors were aware of our disagreement and they all discussed it in whispers. However, I didn’t care because I pardoned my father, and as a result, my daughter now has a grandfather. Isn’t that joy, then?

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